ACRP's Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design Guidebook Gets Published

Leading US and global aviation consulting firm Landrum & Brown (L&B) has drawn on over 60 years of experience and expertise in airport planning to lead a team of industry experts to compile an updated reference manual for use by industry professionals engaged in the planning and design of today's passenger terminals.

Commissioned by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Airport Cooperative Research Board (ACRP), with FAA funding support, the ACRP's Report 25: Airport Passenger Terminal Planning and Design Volume 1: Guidebook and Volume 2: Spreadsheet Models provide the latest industry guidance in planning and developing airport passenger terminals and assist users in analyzing and resolving common challenges related to airport terminal planning and design. The Guidebook's intended audience includes airport managers and their staff, airport planners, architects, and the aviation industry-at-large.

Drawing on historical examples and FAA sponsored research from the past, Volume 1 of the Guidebook provides a step-by-step approach to the passenger terminal planning process. Specifically, it describes the need to recognize the interdependence of terminal building, landside and airside components, as well as emphasizing the crucial importance of building in flexibility to respond to emerging industry trends and changing operational needs. Volume 2 of the Guidebook provides a range of technical support tools, including spreadsheet models that incorporate practical learning exercises and several airport-specific sample data sets to assist users in determining appropriate model inputs for their particular circumstances.

Commenting on publication of the Guidebook, L&B Vice Presidents, Bruce Anderson, the principal investigator (PI) for Volume 1 and Matt Lee, the PI for Volume 2, said the firm was proud to have been able to assist the ACRP in accomplishing the task of providing an up to-date and focused overview of the programming, planning and design process for modern airport terminal buildings that would serve as an important reference to the airport industry for many years to come.

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