Terminal Master Planning at Salzburg Airport

Landrum & Brown has recently completed a Terminal Master Plan study for Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart, as an update of the previous Master Plan undertaken in 2000. This exercise required evaluation of future terminal, apron and landside facilities to accommodate continued robust growth, including increasing low-cost and charter airline traffic during the peak winter season.

Future aircraft parking layouts were investigated to identify additional apron areas, including development of a dedicated de-icing apron. In particular, this study focussed on the Terminal development plan which needed to address modernisation and expansion strategies for both Terminals 1 & 2, to achieve acceptable levels of service during peak hour conditions.

L&B explored a number of concepts based on consolidating departures and arrivals facilities, in either T1 or T2 respectively, as well as extrapolations of existing mixed facilities. The concepts considered single level or 1 ½ level terminal arrangements that, respectively, continued the existing bussing arrangements or provided some aerobridge service.

A pragmatic approach towards capital investment and operational flexibility was adopted by developing a range of options that worked within existing airside and landside constraints, were leveraged from existing infrastructure and could be constructed in incremental stages, with minimal disruption to operations. Through close client consultation, including a series of workshops and evaluations, terminal layout options and staging plans were narrowed down to a preferred development strategy for the airport.

The outcome was a recommended single level terminal with an expanded T2 as a departures terminal and T1 redeveloped for arrivals processing. The concept preserves future flexibility with potential for long-term development of a second level departure lounge with aerobridges. Terminal Area Master Plans incorporating airside and landside developments were delivered for 10 year and 20 year design horizons.

Salzburg Airport is now preparing to go to the next design stage to develop the terminal concept in a greater level of detail and L&B will continue to provide planning guidance and advice through the process.

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